Upward Bound Yearbook

Client: Upward Bound Summer Program
Role: Advisor, Lead Graphic Designer

Programs: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign
Included: Concept development, visual design, photography, graphic design, print yearbook

Upward Bound is an academic support program design to increase high school students’ opportunities in attending college. For six weeks, as an Upward Bound Yearbook Supervisor, I was responsible for producing a quality yearbook within budget and according to an agreed-upon timeline. I worked with six high school students to produce a yearbook suitable for a variety of audiences including parents, staff, and high school students. Within four weeks, my students and I brainstormed and developed a theme that is appealing to their peers including the celebration of the program 50th year at Chico State.

Dividing the yearbook into a color-theme section, there are three dividers consisting of family, learning, and community. The choice of color gives the book an extra pop with colors and a more cohesive theme. The majority of the photographs and contents produce by the students. I'm in charge of designing all spread layout accordingly to my student’s vision, revising and finalizing the whole book.  


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