Promoting Goals

CLIENT: Chico State Athletic
ROLE: Project Manager, Graphic Designer, Film Editor
PROGRAMS: Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Sony Vegas Movie Studio
INCLUDED: Strategic marketing plan, concept development, visual design, case study planning, edit video

For this project, I work in a team to analyze and evaluate a current service system offer on Chico State’s campus. My team focuses on how Chico State Athletics market game events on-campus. After researching and outreaching to the Athletic's department, we create a service prototype to help promote the awareness of sport's events on campus. The objective is to promote more sporting events on-campus and increase student's attendances by improving on-campus public relation, marketing, and signage. 

 Through this video, you will have a better understanding of my prototype services. My prototype approach is to find an easier way for students on campus to have access to gather information about sporting events. We keep things simple by putting a map on the back of the signages, more information on signages, and creating an app to locate sport's fields on Chico State's campus with QR codes.