CLIENT: Class Project
ROLE: Creative Designer
PROGRAMS: Adobe Edge, Adobe Illustrator, User Experience Design, User Interface Design, Wireframe Design
INCLUDED: Concept development, visual design, strategic layout planning, prototype app development

Gravity is an interactive game app for users to learn more about how speed affects gravity in space. Users will be able to experience space with this motion sensitive app. Other features on this app are “Age” and “Weight”. Users will be able to find out how old and how much they would weigh on other planets. The purpose of this app is to teach more about space in a kid-friendly approach. This app is for entertainment purposes only, measurements are not accurate.

The design concept is to give an outer space with the stars moving as you travel through space. There's a total of eight color palettes dedicate to the app. Every planet has its own color, for example, Earth is green, Mars is red and Jupiter is red-orange. By keeping a simple UI concept design to the app, it gives an easy and appealing look to the app.

01 copy.png
Vertical-phones copy.png
morelayouts copy.png
Lo_Objective copy.png
Lo_architecture copy.png
Lo_Poster copy.png